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Welcome to the 2016/2017 season.

Ball Cup South - Sunday 7th May 2017

What a great day with a large number of medals across the age groups.

We won the Victor Ludorum for the second year running!

J14 Boys at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head

Gold J15 4x+ Adam Gorecki, Pater Denton, Lawrence Turner, James Casemore and Reece Marriot (cox)
Gold J14 4x+ Eddie Vaughan, Zac Harrison, Nathan Page, Joe Bryant and Conrad Wells (cox)
Gold J16 4x- Henry Miguda, James Reckord, Nathan Jones and William Shepherd
Gold J13 4x+ Mattie Wagstaff, Nataniel Knurowski, Callum Macfarlane, James Carter and Henry Chadwick (cox)
Silver J14 2x Joe Bryant and Richard Loch
Silver J15 1x James Casemore
Silver WJ14 1x Keziah Markfort
Silver J15 2x Adam Gorecki, Lawrence Turner
Bronze WJ14 4x+ Emily Wolfenden, Jessica Bebbington, Keziah Markfort, Emily Shepherd and Henry Chadwick (cox)

Junior Inter Regional Regatta - Saturday 22nd April 2017

J14 boys win GOLD at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta!

J14 Boys at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head
J14 Boys

On Saturday 22nd April the J14 coxed quad of Eddie Vaughan, Richard Loch, Joe Bryant, Josh Ingham and Conrad Wells (cox) travelled to Nottingham Holme Pierrepont to compete in the junior inter regional regatta having been selected to represent Thames London region on 2nd April.

They took a commanding lead in their heat and qualified for the 'A' final in the fastest time but there were two crews in the other heat that had beaten them at the Oarsport Sculling Head.

The 'A' final with 6 crews turned out to be a race between Guildford and a very good crew from City of Bristol and it was neck and neck right down the course with the J14 boys winning by a canvas.

Our win also contributed to Thames London winning the Victor Ludorum as the most successful region on the day!

Junior Inter Regional Regatta (JIRR) - Saturday 22nd April 2017

Guildford Rowing Club's junior squad have hit a new high this week. The J14 coxed quad, Eddie Vaughan, Richard Loch, Joe Bryant, Josh Ingham and cox, Conrad Wells, took part in the JIRR regional trials at the Millennium Boathouse, Hampton yesterday (2nd April). The boys beat Walton Rowing Club in a timed trial covering 1500m by an impressive 8.5 seconds and have qualified to represent Thames London region at the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta at Nottingham on April 22nd 2017.

This is the first time Guildford has trialled for the region and follows on from our great results at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head.

Oarsport Junior Sculling Head - Friday 24th March 2017

J14 boys win a bronze medal coming 3rd out of 63 crews in their category!

J14 Boys at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head
J14 Boys

On Friday 24th March three crews from Guildford Rowing Club competed at the Oarsport Junior Sculling Head which is a National event to mark the end of the Heads (time trial) season. The event attracted over 600 crews from all over the country and was held on Dorney Lake which was the 2012 Olympics rowing venue.

The day was nearly perfect for rowing with just a light north easterly breeze and in the afternoon brilliant sunshine. All competing boats had to race the length of the lake 1.8k, turn quickly and race back the other way which was a total of 3.6k. Their total time racing the two lengths (turning was excluded) provided the finish positions.

The J14 coxed quad of Eddie Vaughan, Richard Loch, Joe Bryant, Josh Ingham and Conrad Wells (cox) came 3rd out of the 63 boats competing in their category and won a Bronze Medal.

The J15 coxed quad of Lawrence Turner, James Casemore, Adam Gorecki, Peter Denton and Conrad Wells (cox) came a creditable 24th out of 63 in their category and their position would have been a lot higher had the rudder not broken just before the start. Without a rudder Conrad had to get them to continuously row harder on one side and then the other to try and stay in their lane!

The WJ14 coxed quad of Jessica Bebbington, Keziah Markfort, Emily Shepherd, Abbie Jarvis and Hannah Kingerlee (cox) who were missing their normal stroke were 44th out of 58 in their category which was very creditable as two of them were caught in a major incident on the A3 and had to run down the lake and jump straight in the boat and race, very stressful for all of them!

Weybridge Winter Head - Saturday 21st January 2017

1 win and 4 second places plus some very good overall places.  The seniors had 2 wins.
This was a very good result for the club!

Event Crew Raw Time H'cap Adjusted Position
J15.4x+ Lawrence/Adam G/Peter D/James C 10:43 10:43 2
J15.4x+ Adam W/Ben H/Luke B/Oliver B 10:57 10:57 4
J14.4x+ Eddie/Rory/Josh/Nathan 11:31 11:31 2
W.J15.4x+ Lucy/Jemima/Imogen/Megan 12:03 12:03 4
W.J15.4x+ Annabel/Sofie/Yasmin/Sofia 12:34 12:34 6
W.J14.4x+ Keziah/Abbie/Jess B/Emily W 12:40 12:40 4
J16.4x- Henry/James R/Reece/James C 10:46 10:46 1
MasF/G/H.2x J Watling / R Hall (H) 11:44 01:48 09:56 1
MasC/D.2x M Rawlinson / R Cooper (D) 11:11 00:34 10:37 1
MasF/G/H.2x J P Woowat / W Mansfield (F) 12:27 01:06 11:21 5
J15.2x A Gorecki / C Wells 12:01 12:01 2
W.J18.2x A Stevenson / F St John 12:10 12:10 4
J14.2x J Bryant / R Loch-Fearey 12:22 12:22 2
J15.2x O Bond / J Venables 12:38 12:38 6
W.J17.2x A Page / A Holmes 12:49 12:49 8
W.J17.2x C Adcock / S Banks 12:50 12:50 9
W.J14.2x E Simms / E Shepherd 14:17 14:17 3
Overall Positions Out of Out of
2nd fastest 4x+ Lawrence/Adam G/Peter D/James C 30 20th Overall 215
4th fastest 4x+ Adam W/Ben H/Luke B/Oliver B 30 39th Overall
8th fastest 4x+ Eddie/Rory/Josh/Nathan 30 87th Overall
4th fastest 4x- Henry/James R/Reece/James C 20 23rd Overall

Weybridge Silver Sculls - Saturday 22nd October

Good day for all crews, no wins but some good 2nd and 3rd places.

Lucy Stevenson was 2nd out of 37 in her WJ15 single.

The J14 crew of Richard Loch, Rory Williamson, Eddie Vaughan, Joe Bryant and Hannah Kidgerlee were 2nd out of 10 with the J14 crew of Guy Tregear, Josh Ingham, Zac Harrison, Jacob Hanney and Reece Marriott taking 3rd.

Burway SBH - Saturday 8th October

2 wins and 2 crews in the top 10 fastest times of the day!

All our crews did exceptionally well and special mention must go the under 14's as this was their first Head race and also to Lucy Stevenson who was second in her WJ15 single out of 15!

WJ14 winners at Burway SBH
WJ14 winners but without their cox Hannah

The winning crews were:

WJ14 4x+ Keziah Markfort, Abbie Jarvis, Jessica Bebbington, Emily Wolfenden and Hannah Kidgerlee
J15 4x+ William Shepherd, Nathan Jones, Henry Miguda and James Reckord

Fastest crews:

J16 4x- 5th  overall William Shepherd, Nathan Jones, Henry Miguda and James Reckord
J15 4x- 10th overall James Casemore, Lawrence Turner, Peter Denton, Adam Gorecki and Millie Davis

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